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Chord Guitar for Pehli Dafa Chords – Atif Aslam . Pehli Dafa chords with strumming pattern, A beautiful love song sung by Atif Aslam feat. Ileana D’Cruz. Produced by Shiraz Uppal under T-Series music label while lyrics by Shakeel Sohail. Strumming Pattern: DDU UDUD DU UDUD OR DDU UDUD (G#m)Dil kahe (F#)kahaaniyan (A)Pehli dafa (E) […]

Chord Guitar and Lyrics ATIF ASLAM feat ILEANA D’CRUZ – Pehli Dafa Chords and Lyrics

This single was released on 7th Jan, 2017. Vocals: Atif Aslam,Producer(s): Shiraz Uppal,Writer(s): Shakeel Sohail, SongRating: 10/10 Requested By Amrit Biswa Scale: E MajorTime Signature: 4/4Tempo: 114Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DUc h o r d z o n e . o r g[INTRO] E A E A[VERSE]E ADil kahe kahaaniyan pehli dafaE AArmaano mein rawaniyan pehli dafaC#m […]