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Chord Guitar and Lyrics JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE – Amnesia Chords and Lyrics

This song is from the album The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2, released on 30 September 2013. Vocals: Justin Timberlake ,Producer(s): Justin Timberlake, Timothy Mosley, Jerome Harmon, James Fauntleroy,Writer(s): Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, SongRating: 7/10 Requested By Alex Scale: C MinorTime Signature: 3/4Tempo: 175Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DUc h o r d z o n e . […]

Chord Guitar and Lyrics 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER – Amnesia Chords and Lyrics

This song is from the album 5 Seconds of Summer (Bonus Track Version), released on 22 July 2014. Vocals: 5 Seconds Of Summer ,Producer(s): Michael Biancaniello, Louis Biancaniello, Sam Watters,Writer(s): Michael Biancaniello, Louis Biancaniello, Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Sam Watters, SongRating: 10/10 Requested By Alyssa Albritton Scale: D MajorTime Signature: 4/4Tempo: 102Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DUt a […]

Chord Guitar and lyric Al Ghazali – Amnesia (Soundtrack Anak Jalanan) . if you like Chord Guitar and lyric Al Ghazali – Amnesia (Soundtrack Anak Jalanan), please share it to your friend. This Chord make on 20 October 2016 | 4:25 pm Intro : F C G Am *)          F tak percaya ini     […]

 C                               FI drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted  C                                      FI thought about our last kiss the way it felt the way you tasted    Am                                    Fand even though your friends tell me youre doing fine          C                          Fand youre somewhere feeling lonely even though hes right beside you        C                                     Fwhen he […]

Intro : Em D G A                     EmIngin aku berlari yang jauh                    DBerlari aku sejauh mungkin                   GBerlari aku meninggalkanmu                   AMeninggalkan segala tentangmu                     EmMeski aku tetap sayang kamu                    DNamun tetap harus aku lakukan                    GMaafkan bila segala cara                AMencoba meyakinkanmu [*]           DKuingin amnesia                   BmIngin aku benar-benar lupa                  EmLupa segala kisah cintaku                   AKisah cinta yang terlalu kuat […]

Chord Guitar and lyric Indah Nevertari – Kamu Tak Punya Hati . if you like Chord Guitar and lyric Indah Nevertari – Kamu Tak Punya Hati, please share it to your friend. This Chord make on 5 April 2017 | 7:20 am Intro : C         Dm G Em Am Dm..G C            […]

Chord Guitar and Lyrics ARIANA GRANDE feat LIL WAYNE – Let Me Love You

This song is from the album Dangerous Woman(2016), released on 20 May 2016. Vocals: Ariana Grande,Lil Wayne , SongRating: 10/10 Scale: E MinorTime Signature: 4/4Tempo: 70Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DUc h o r d z o n e . o r g[INTRO] Em F B x2[VERSE]EmI just broke up with my ex FNow I’m out here single, […]

Verse :          CYou got a boyfriend           Gand he’s a total loser         Am                        Emall your friends tell you that he’s got no future          F        Gbut they like me     Cjust saying           CHe barely takes you out      Gif he does he’s late                        Am                  Emand when the check comes he always makes you pay     F             GI’d never […]

C   G   Am    FOh, oh, oh, ohFOh CDon’t talk                GLet me think it over             AmHow we gonna fix this?             FHow we gonna undo all the pain? CTell me           GIs it even worth it?              AmLooking for a straight line                FTaking back the time we can’t replace AmAll the crossed wiresFJust making us tiredAm               GIs it too […]

Intro : C G Am F Verse:      CShe’s dropping out of school cause she don’t need the grade,      GThe colors in her hair don’t seem to fade,      Am                              FI get dressed up when I go out but she gets dressed down       CShe’s 17 I’ve told her I’m 20,      GI couldn’t take her out cause […]