List Chords for: Chord Gitar Last Child

Chord Guitar and lyric Last Child – Seharusnya . if you like Chord Guitar and lyric Last Child – Seharusnya, please share it to your friend. This Chord make on 4 March 2017 | 5:23 am Intro: C..G..Am..C D        C.. G pergilah kan ku simpan   Em bayangmu di sini           […]

Chord Lirik Dan Kunci Gitar Lagu Bob Marley – Jamming

Lirik Dan Kunci Gitar Lagu Bob Marley – Jamming Bm E7 We’re jamming G F#m7 I wanna jam it with you, Bm E7 We’re jamming jamming G F#m7 and I hope you like jamming too. Bm E7 Bm E7 Ain’t no rules ain’t no vow we can do it anyhow G F#m7 and I Jah […]

Intro:    Am G C    F G Am        G I was a liar  C                I gave into the fire  FI know I should’ve fought it                    GAt least I’m being  honest Am          G Feel like a failureC                          Cause I know that I failed you  FI should’ve done you better                       GCause you don’t want a liar       Am                 GAnd I […]

Intro : G Am C G                          G                                AmLemme see you put your hearts up, yeah Lemme see you put your hearts up, yeah       C                                          GIf we give a little love, maybe we can change the world      GYou think you’re so smallLike you’re itty bitty.  AmJust one match in the lights of the city […]

 Am      D    GI love the way, you make me feel  B      B    EmI love it,  I love it  Am      D    GI love the way, you make me feel  B      B    EmI love it,  I love it      Am               D            GSay, I’m thinkin’ ’bout her every second, every hour      B            BDo my singing in the showerEmPicking […]

Verse:C                      DBaby, even though I hate ya         GI wanna love ya I want youC                            DAnd even though I can’t forgive ya         EI really want to I want youC                DTell me, tell me babyGWhy did you leave meC                               DCause even though I shouldn’t want it        EI gotta have it I want you Pre-Chorus:CHead in the cloudsD     […]

Intro : C  G  Dm  F Verse :C                                G   I looked in the rearview mirror and                                DmIt seemed to make a lot more sense                  FThan what I see ahead of us Ahead of us, eh.C                           G   Are you ready to make that turn                            DmBefore we both crash and burn                         FCause that can be the death […]

Verse :C             AmYou walked inAb                GCaught my attentionC            AmI’ve never seenAb                     Ga man with so much dimensionC       It’s the way you walkAmThe way you talkAb                            GThe way you make me feel insideCIt’s in your smileAmIt’s in your eyesAb                             GI don’t want to wait for tonight -same chords C Am Ab G- Chorus : So I […]

Verse : C          Bb                      EbBaby I got love for thee so deep inside of me                       FI don’t know where to start -yeah, yeah-C                      Eb  I love you more than anything         Bb                              FBut the words cant even touch what’s in my heart -no, no- Pre-Chorus :      Eb      F                   CWhen I try to explain it I […]