List Chords for: Chord Gitar Photograph

Intro : C F Am F CStuck in the jet wash      FBad trip I couldn’t get off            AmAnd maybe I bit off more than I could chew        FAnd overhead of the aqua blue                CFall to your knees bring on the rapture                FBlessed be the boys time can’t capture     AmOn film or between the sheets                         […]

Intro -x3-: Am F G Dm Am                             F  I’ve been spinning out of time                       GCouple women by my side                        DmI got sinnin’ on my mind                   AmSipping on red wine                            FI’ve been sittin’ here for ages                     GRipping out the pages                    DmHow’d I get so faded How’d I get so faded Am                          FOoh, no no don’t leave […]

Intro:    Am  Em  F    F  Em  Am                  AmI met you when I was a teen             EmBut then you were one as well            FAnd I could play a guitar Just like ringing a bell            FSometimes I wonder              Em                            AmAnd any other summer could you have been my part time lover To me listening to Stevie […]

C          Am7                         When your legs don’t work           F             GLike they used to beforeC            Am7                   F   G And I can’t sweep you off of your feetC          Am7                         Will your mouth still remember     F               Gthe taste of my loveC          Am7                 Will your eyes still smile F              Gfrom your cheeks                                       C  Am7           F    G              C   […]

Am     Em      F      G Am               EmI met this girl late last year          F                GShe said don’t you worry if I disappear           Am               EmI told her I’m not really looking for another mistake     F                        GI called an old friend thinking that the trouble would wait     Am                   EmBut then I jump right in a week later return          […]

Penyanyi:Green Day Kunci Gitar Green Day Good Riddance Time Of Your INTRO {plucked}G-8 C-4 D-4 X2 VERSE {plucked}G C DAnother turning point a fork stuck in the road,G C D Time grabs you by the wrist, and directs you where to goEm D C GSo make the best of this test and don’t ask whyEm […]