List Chords for: Chord Progressions

C          It’s been a long time since it came aroundDmIts been along time but I’m back in townF                                  Cand this time I’m not leaving without you CYou taste like whiskey when you kiss me ooohDmId give anything again to be your baby dollF                                      CYeah this time I’m not leaving without you        F                   I said […]

Chord Gitar James Arthur Impossible CAPO FRET 1VERSE/CHORUS|Em |G |D |C |PRE-CHORUS|C |D |Em |D[VERSE 1]EmI remember years agoGSomeone told me I should takeDCaution when it comes to loveCI did, I didEmAnd you were strong and I was notGMy illusion, my mistakeDI was careless, I forgotCI did[PRE-CHORUS] CAnd now when all is done DThere is […]