List Chords for: Chord Zedd Clarity

Intro : Dm G Am Em F Dm               GHigh dive into frozen wavesAm                  Em      Fwhere the past comes back to lifeDm                   G       Fight fear for the selfish pain        Am        Em    F         And it’s worth it every time                                   Dm                    G                Hold still right before we crash         Am        Em      F       Cause we both know how this endsDm                    […]

C                                   EmBreathing you in when I want you out                                AmFinding our truth in a hope of doubt                        E         Am7 Bm7Lying inside our quiet drama-ah-ah-ah C                                    Em Wearing your heart like a stolen dream                                AmOpening skies with your broken keys                         E         Am7 Bm7No one can blind us any longer-er-er-er        CWe’ll run where lights won’t chase us D         […]

Am                 GI know that we are upside downF                       CSo hold your tongue and hear me outAm                  GI know that we were made to break         F       C                 So what? I don’t mind Am                        GYou kill the lights, I’ll draw the blindsF                    CDon’t dull the sparkle in your eyesAm                  GI know that we were made to break         […]

Intro : Am Am        G               C Silent love is calling faith          Dm                    FTo shatter me through your hallways    Em            AmInto echoes you can feel                   G      CAnd rehearse the way you heal          DmMake them dance           EmJust like you                   Am  G  FCause you make me mooo…oveGYeah you always make me go Am G C F                       Am    G       […]