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MILEY CYRUS – Malibu Chords

This single was released on 12 May 2017. Vocals: Miley Cyrus ,Producer(s): Oren Yoel,Writer(s): Oren Yoel & Miley Cyrus, SongRating: 10/10 Scale: Ab MajorTime Signature: 4/4Tempo: 140Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DUc h o r d z o n e . o r g[INTRO] Ab[VERSE] AbI never came to the beach, Abor stood by the oceanCm C#I never […]

Chord Guitar and Lyrics LUKE BRYAN – Fast Chords and Lyrics

This song is from the album Kill the Lights(2015), released on 07 August 2015. Vocals: Luke Bryan ,Producer(s): Jeff Stevens, Jody Stevens,Writer(s): Rodney Clawson, Luke Laird, Luke Bryan, SongRating: 10/10 Scale: Eb MajorTime Signature: 4/4Tempo: 70Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DUc h o r d z o n e . o r g[INTRO] Eb Cm Ab Bb x2[VERSE]EbFastCm […]

Chord Guitar for Ariana Grande – They Don’t Know Chords . No Capo [Verse I] G I walked over got this sunlight D Ain’t got time to listen to any shade, yeah Em The wind on my pony, top-down, alright C Ain’t got time to let them darken my flame, that’s right G So light […]

Chord Guitar and Lyrics ANDREAS MOE – Second Wind Chords and Lyrics

This song is from the album Ocean(2014), released on 14 July 2014. Vocals: Andreas Moe , SongRating: 10/10 Requested By Alex Scale: C MinorTime Signature: 4/4Tempo: 78Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DUt a b e l c h o r d . c o m[INTRO] Ab Cm Gm Bb x2[VERSE]Ab CmEven the slightest complicationGm BbAnything with stringsAb CmRan […]

Intro : Dm C Dm C Dm             CBeauty queen of only eighteenDm                   CShe had some trouble with herselfDm           CHe was always there to help her Dm                     CShe always belonged to someone else Dm          CI drove for miles and milesDm                   CAnd wound up at your doorDm           C              Dm   I’ve had you so many times but somehowCI […]

Intro : C – G – F Chorus :CLike a swell window I will wait for you,                                   G   FWe’ll ride the moment ’til I catch you again                  C‘Til I catch you again. F         COoh    oooh CI met with a young man who has an ocean romance        F                 CAnd he calls it the way of life.CHe […]

If you want to see Demi Lovato sing Skyscraper – go herebut I quite enjoyed this cover version by Laura Zocca so here are the lyrics with nice easy chords – enjoy… Skyscraper – Demi Lovato – chords and lyrics Play as is or Capo on the 1st if that’s what suits your voice… Easy […]

Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper Em  D       Em    D           Em     D         Em        D Lyin’ in my bed I hear the clock tick and think of you Em      D      Em  D    Em   […]

CARRIE UNDERWOOD – Renegade Runaway

[youtube] This song is from the album Storyteller(2015), released on 23 October 2015.I really enjoyed the drums in this song. The toms and the hi-hats were so beautiful to listen to. The energy in her vocals, the powerful guitars and the way that the lyrics were written, all these things make this song a […]