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Chord Guitar and lyric YARRA – Brand New . if you like Chord Guitar and lyric YARRA – Brand New, please share it to your friend. This Chord make on 21 February 2017 | 7:28 am Intro : D..A..Bm..G..         D..A..Bm..G..      D               A ku melihat dirimu […]

G6 weeks since I’ve been awayDAnd now you’re saying everything has changedEm7                                 CAnd I’m afraid that I might be losing youGAnd every night that we spend aloneDKills me thinking of you on your ownEm7                                 CAnd I wish I was back home next to you Em7       D                 G                  C Oh, everyday you feel a little bit […]

Verse :    F              G         AmTwisted, you’ve shaken my existence          CWhen I’m with you, baby   F      G               DmBliss is all I’ve come to know    F         G             AmRunning, I didn’t see it coming  C                FBlinded, it’s so stunning   G                DmI don’t wanna let you go Chorus :      F                    Ga thousand church bells ringing       Am               […]

Verse : C                                   FThey keep playing sad songs on the radio                    CAnd I feel like I’m so alone                 GOn this 15 hour drive              C                            FAnd all the while I tell myself to just believe                   CCause nobody can give so much                 GAnd never get anything -never get anything- Pre-Chorus : AmEveryone I used to know                   […]

ZARA LARSSON feat MNEK – Never Forget You

[youtube] This single was released on 11 September 2015.What a powerful song! I loved the way that the production went from a slow song to a hyper fast song. The energy in their vocals were excellent. It helped the song move forward. I loved what they did in the bridge as well. SongRating: 10/10 […]