List Chords for: Chords Riptide

Intro: Am  G  C Am              G                 CI was scared of dentists and the darkAm              G                 CI was scared of pretty girls and starting conversationsAm       G                   COh all my friends are turning green       Am              G               CYou’re the magicians assistant in their dreams   Am     G         CUh oooh oh oooh ooohAm         G               COh oooh oh oooh and […]

Intro : C   F  Dm C                 FHold me up to the light               DmTell me if the sun comes shining through    C                       FAnd I’ve got this heaviness in my chest           DmSince your love came breaking through     C                      FAnd I wanna know where it’s coming from              DmWhere is this coming from? Where is this coming from?    […]

Verse :        F                     Am  GOh, if you’re losing sleep,      F                                    Am  Goh if you’re losing sleep, scared of shadows FI see it’s just a chair,Am                      GSee the clothes hang thereF                                   Am  GDon’t go losing sleep scared of shadows. Chorus : -stop-           F     Am  GOh don’t feel bad             F    Am  GI never have             F    Am  GSince […]

Chord Guitar and Lyrics NIYKEE HEATON feat MIGOS – Bad Intention (Remix)

This song is from the album Bad Intentions(2014), released on 23 September 2014.I loved the sexiness in her voice. The way that she sang the bridge also sounded really awesome. The background music and the rhythm felt awesome to listen. The bass lines were excellent. Still there was something missing in this song. SongRating: 8.5/10 […]